Workload Committee

The Workload Committee's mission is to ensure, to the extent practicable, that every defender organization in the nation can reliably demonstrate the appropriate level of resources it needs to ensure that each one of its lawyers can provide reasonably effective assistance of counsel to each of their clients under prevailing professional norms. The Workload Committee is currently co-chaired by Stephen Hanlon and Mark Stephens.

The Workload Committee, representing diverse systems and structures from around the country, created and unanimously recommended a Workloads Position Paper that was unanimously approved by the NAPD Steering Committee in March, 2015.  NAPD believes the time has come for every public defense provider to develop, adopt, and institutionalize meaningful workload standards in its jurisdiction.  Believing that a lawyer’s well-spent time is the single most important factor in a client receiving effective and meaningful representation, NAPD’s Workload Position Paper strongly recommends that meaningful evidence-based standards for public defense workloads can best be derived and institutionalized through ongoing, contemporaneous permanent timekeeping by public defense providers. This NAPD position paper is the first national statement on workloads that requires permanent timekeeping as a condition of meaningful workload evaluation and litigation, and it significantly advances the campaign to end excessive workloads.

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Committee Members