Steering Committee

The Steering Committee guides the organization, until giving way to a more permanent organizational structure to provide long-term leadership. During these initial years the steering committee provides much needed stability with the primary goal of shaping the organization into a self-sufficient and self-governing organization. The structure gives the NAPD an opportunity to grow and adjust organically prior to settling into a more formal structure, and ensures that the organization is true to its mission, vision, goals and values. The steering committee, working alongside the general NAPD membership, is working towards:

  • Securing necessary organizational funding/revenue;
  • Growing membership;
  • Reinforcing the overarching mission, vision, goals, and values;
  • Creating an institutional governance structure capable of sustaining NAPD;
  • Taking the first steps toward improving indigent defense throughout the country.

The Steering Committee is chaired by Mark Stephens. Paul DeWolfe is Vice-Chair. Steve Hanlon is NAPD's General Counsel.

Professor Norman Lefstein serves as a special advisor to the NAPD Steering Committee.

Committee Members