Juvenile Committee

The mission of the Juvenile Committee within the National Association of Public Defense is:

  1. To make improved juvenile defense a priority of the national public defense community
  2. To make training - in whatever format and from whatever respected source - more available to juvenile practitioners and defender leaders throughout the country
  3. To meaningfully and proactively communicate and collaborate with other entities to promote common goals

The Juvenile Committee is predominantly focused on issues relating to practitioners and clients in delinquency proceedings, proceedings related to status offenses, and juveniles who face adult sentencing in juvenile or adult court.

In March 2016, with the National Juvenile Defender Center, the Juvenile Committtee released its Juvenile Defense Self-Assessment Tool that is intended to create an opportunity for public defender leaders to reflect on practices in local offices that they may not have considered before. NJDC and NAPD stand ready to assist offices in completing the self-assessment or in developing solutions that will improve juvenile defense delivery to ensure children’s access to counsel and quality of representation.

Committee Members