Together, these ethical rules clearly state that when the chief public defender determined that his attorneys had too many cases to provide an ethical level of representation to their clients, he was ethically obligated to bring that fact to the attention of the Houston County Commission. This Commission, by terminating the chief public defender for his advocacy of reasonable workloads, has abandoned its responsibilities as a “provider” and caused the attorneys working for the Houston County Public Defender Office to commit ethical violations.
I remind myself that I did not get into this profession because I thought it would bring me success. I got into this profession because I can’t be a spectator.
 Is the modern-day trial attorney or trial judge aware of the effects of digital isolation on the contemporary juror caused by court rules regulating the use or possession of digital devices by sitting jurors? This article will discuss how removing a juror’s smart phone (or device), or forbidding its possession or excessively controlling its use at any stage of jury service can have an unintended impact on jurors, affecting their understanding of the evidence, their deliberations, and ultimately their verdict.
  This press release is co-written by NAPD and the Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center at St. Louis. The nation’s three leading criminal defense associations and a premier non-profit civil rights law firm are urging the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis to overturn a federal district court’s arbitrary denial of funding that has resulted in deprivation of meaningful assistance of counsel for a mentally impaired death row inmate.
  As Kate pointed out, the most common basis for reversals of these cases is ineffective assistance of counsel based on a failure of the defense attorney to call an expert, or the right expert. In these kinds of cases, we often don't know what we don't know, so we may feel we have a handle on the case when we really don't. So Kate has (again) generously made herself available to this community. If you have one of these cases, you can (and should) contact her at (